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.... Подонки одним словом, но культурнее сказать подозреваемые в неочень пользователе угодном поведении.

Ай , да в общем почти все спонсеры подонки однозначно...

частично используются данные: Surfers Alliance Against Fraud http://saaf.terrashare.com

1000Free 7-31-00 SCAM At the top of their page you will see 'member login, free sign-up, contests, pass it on. They all send you to AddictionZone via an affiliate link.
Ad4Me 7-31-00 DEAD "Due to some technical difficulties we have been forced to shut down the American Consumer Opinion(tm) banner program."
ACOP 12-2-00 DEAD Due to changes in the Paid-to-Surf industry we have had to make some revisions to our basic business model, including no longer operating solely as a service that directly compensates its members for viewing advertisements. In addition, we have discontinued our operations under the "AdSavers" model, including account homepages for old members and our referral component. These revisions were necessary because without them we could no longer have survived as a viable business. We no longer market our platform directly to end-users, like yourself, but instead offer the platform to end-users via our private partners. Our first private partner is Photos-to-Go
AdPerks.com 7-31-00


Adsavers 10-27-00 DEAD
AllAdvantage 8-21-00 DYING?

"Each day one entrant will be randomly selected from among all eligible Sweepstakes entrants. You are eligible if you surf with your Viewbar at least 3 minutes that day. The more you surf, the more entries you will have (up to a maximum of ten entries per day), which could increase your chances of being chosen. In addition, each day a letter of the alphabet will also be randomly selected. If that letter matches the third letter of the selected member's AllAdvantage Member ID, that member wins the Grand Prize.

If the randomly selected letter does not match the third letter of the selected member's ID, there will be no Grand Prize Winner for that day unless AllAdvantage, in its sole discretion, decides that a particular day is a "must win" day, in which case the entrant randomly selected on the "must win" day will be awarded the Daily Grand Prize.

Remember you must surf with your Viewbar for at least three minutes a day to qualify each day for the Grand Prize.


NEW MEMBERS TO BE ENROLLED IN WOW SWEEPSTAKES AllAdvantage is now focusing its rewards program on the WOW Sweepstakes. Starting December 1, new members will only be able to enter the WOW Sweepstakes and will not be able to enter the Alternative Rewards Program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective December 1, if you're enrolled in the Sweepstakes, you will not be able to switch back to the Alternative Rewards (Pay-to-Surf) Program. Similarly, if you are enrolled in the Alternative Rewards Program and you choose to enter the Sweepstakes at some point in the future, you will not have the option to switch back to the Alternative Rewards Program.

NEW PAYMENT THRESHOLD FOR US MEMBERS The current market conditions have made it tough on companies like AllAdvantage. To adjust to the pressures of the market, we have raised the payment threshold for November surfing to $50 for all US members.

With all the changes we've made, AllAdvantage is still committed to being your valued and trusted Infomediary, and we appreciate your continued support."

Amnesia Memory 7-31-00 SCAM?
Appio 12-2-00 DEAD  
BearcatOnline 8-24-00 SCAM  
BigReferral/ShopDog 10-07-00 DEAD BigReferral changed to ShopDog and then closed their site. Many members who were in on this one from the beginning had accrued well over $500 which has not been seen.
CalypsoAd 10-1-00 DEAD From CalypsoAD:

We regret having to tell you this info, but we want to inform you in any case. We at CalypsoAd tried to make CA a success. Unfortunately we didn't succeed - A really big 'Sorry' to all of you! Due to these facts we see ourselves forced to cancel our relationship with you based on our terms and conditions. Of course we will delete all your information. At this point we can only ask once again for your understanding and we want to thank you for your efforts to try and help CA to a good conclusion. Sincerely, your CA team.
CashMagic 7-31-00 SCAM CashMagic redirects you to SendMoreInfo using a referral link. You will see a pop up that claims they are 'in talks' with SendMoreInfo. In reality, there is no affiliation there at all except that the owner of CashMagic is a SendMoreInfo affiliate.
Cast-net 7-31-00 Otherwise? They have proved themselves to have dangerous software. Numerous system crashes, and windows files have been reported to have been erased.
CatPile 12-2-00 DEAD CatPile turned out to be just that, a cat pile.
The site disappeared and email sent to them were bounced back.
Click2Cash 7-31-00 DEAD  
ClickyCash.co.uk 11-20-00 SCAM/DEAD Clicky is defrauding their advertisers at this time by using hidden frames to create
click-thrus for themselves.
ClickyCash.com 7-31-00 SCAM This was a smart redirect from a fast thinking affiliate. The real site is at ClickyCash.co.uk. Just wanted to point this out.
ClickMail 7-31-00


ClickZones 10-27-00 DEAD ClickZones appears to have quietly disappeared. There is no acces to the site anymore.
CoolAgent 12-2-00 DEAD CoolAgent is another program that has silently disappeared.
DealViewer 7-31-00


Dollars4Mail 11-26-00 Otherwise? From D4M:

Effective immediately, subscribers who do not earn at least $2 on their personal level by the end of each month will incur an inactivity charge of $8 to their account for that month and will be ineligible to receive referral-earnings group credits for the month. Subscriber accounts will never go below $0.

From Me:

D4M has made it difficult to even make $2 a month, impossible for some. D4M barely sends out enough paid emails to even make that minimum. Many people are having troubles logging into there accounts in order to open the paid mail. I have found many people to include mayself have had their ID and password reversed meaning, my password became my ID and my ID I created when I signed up is now my password. Nearly all the offers they send to get paid to sign up for are programs that have already been signed up for elsewhere by members or require you to pay money when you sign up.
More and more people are cancelling this one.
DotAd 7-31-00 SCAM?  DotAd has been around for about a year now. Still collecting profiles and not a word from them. Last report on traffic was Feb 2000 with over 300,000 unique visitors.
DoughMail 7-31-00


eLance 10-27-00 DEAD  From eLance:

Thanks to everyone for making the eLance Referral Rewards program a success! It's over, but there's more to come. We'll keep you informed as eLance grows. All who qualified for referral rewards will be hearing from us soon.
ExtraBuck 7-31-00


FreeJoin 10-1-00 Back  

FreeJoin's host orignally shut them down.
They are back with new software.
This program will be moved to the 'Watch List' until the program proves well.


GoldBar 10-27-00 DEAD From GoldBar:

We appreciate your interest and your patience. Unfortunately, at this time the Goldbar program has been placed on hold. We plan to review and evaluate the Goldbar and expect to return with an improved version of the Goldbar or a similar product in the near future. You'll be notified by email if and when this occurs.
GravityGoo 8-25-00


HitMaster 7-31-00 DEAD
HomePageRewards 8-30-00 DEAD/SCAM?  


They came in, got us to promote and use them, and then they very quickly said buh bye. If you didn't make it to $20 for a payment, tough cookies. And BTW, they deleted all account records. This info was from an email sent by HPR themselves.

Ignifuge 7-31-00 SCAM?  

They caused world wide panic after breaking their promise to pay. They did make a payment, once. Twice now, February payments have been made. They haven't paid since. Will they pay again?


Ikena 10-27-00 DEAD Ikena no longer offers rewards for referrals at this time.
iRewards 12-2-00 DEAD  iRewards has been for for well over a month now. It is assumed they are dead.
Jaboom 12-2-00 DEAD Jaboom is still live however does not offer any referral rewards anymore.
Jotter 10-1-00 DEAD перестали платить. Подозревается: провели рекламную акцию своего гавеного софта гавгающего весь компьютер и кончили, хотя есть мнение, что они чтото другое еще замутят.
LifeMinders 10-1-00 DEAD LifeMinders has changed to ContestJunction.com
MailArmada 11-26-00 DEAD  From the MailArmada web site:

We have decided to discontinue the rewards program, effective 12:00 pm eastern time on Sep. 8. Reward points can be earned and redeemed until then. After that, the rewards tab will be removed and reward points will no longer be awarded for sending e-mails or posting in communities. Your accounts will remain active and we hope that you continue to use your free MailArmada.com e-mail address, manage multiple POP3 addresses from your account, take advantage of the advanced messaging functions, and take part in the MailArmada communities.
Magic-NJ 7-31-00 SCAM? Advertised as a free deal, and it's not.
Me12 7-31-00 SCAM?  This site 'signs you up for select Internet services that give you free cash and gift bonuses.' During their free sign up, you are asked for a credit card number. They say this is to verify you are a real person.
mValue/SweepSurf 10-07-00 DEAD It's official. mValue/SweepSurf is claiming bankruptcy.
Nobody will be paid. I think SweepSurf set the record for the shortest live program yet!
MyOwnEmpire 10-27-00 DEAD  

There no longer appears to be a referral program.
There are not any stats to check. Links to 'get paid for' links within their site are broken.
There has been no member contact to include any response to an email.


MyRewardsClub 12-2-00 DEAD

From MyRewardsClub:

We are sending this email to inform you that MyRewardsClub.com will be unavailable for some time. Due to problems with our hosting company's computers, the entire website and its backup were lost last week. We are in the process of re-establishing the site from scratch. As you can imagine, this is an unexpected arduous task and we do not have a specific time frame in which MyRewardsClub.com will be back in operation.

As most of you know, November 15, 2000 is the date on which members can start to redeem their reward points. Due to this unforeseen calamity, we will not be able to start redeeming points on that date. As of this time we do not have another date on which members can start to redeem their points. We know that many of you have devoted a lot of time to interact with the MyRewardsClub.com site in order to earn reward points and this announcement will be inconvenient and frustrating to say the least. We do apologize for this delay and will try to correct the matter as soon as possible, but we do not believe it will be corrected in enough time for you to redeem reward points for Christmas.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused, as we know many of you planned to redeem reward points for Christmas, but at this time we do not believe that will be possible. We will keep you posted on our efforts to redeem your points.


NavegarXcash 10-27-00 DEAD  A program from Argentina, numerous broken links, and no customer contact.
NetGratus 10-1-00 DEAD/SCAM? No longer gain anything for making referrals.
OneSRC 11-8-00 DEAD  

OneSrc has made the decision to stop their program although the site is still up at this time.

Just like Jotter, OnSrc will not bepaying members who have less than $50.

OnGiving 12-2-00 DEAD

From OnGiving:

We regretfully announce that onGiving.com has had to shut down operations for financial reasons. Efforts to find alternative solutions have been unfruitful and unfortunately November 3 will be onGiving.coms final day of operation. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and wish all participants the best. We hope all the nonprofits that have used onGiving.com will continue to look to the Internet for new and creative fundraising ideas that come along in the future


PayingAd 7-31-00 SCAM PayingAd is the next generation scam. They have a viewbar but they slipped. Right click on the title bar and you will see a menu item that says 'about m:poster.' Click on it and you will see they used unregistered software to create their bar (couldn't pay the 20 bucks) and are distributing their product illegally. You can also fill your screen with as many viewbars as you want. What PTS company is going to let you do that?

As of 8-15-2000:
You can no longer join or download the bar but the site is still live.
PaymentAlt 8-9-00 SCAM?
PayPai 7-31-00 DEAD/SCAM  Their site disappeared. They made themselves look as much like PayPal as they could and created links to the actual PayPal site when somebody wanted to join or check their account. In an email, with the correct font PayPai.com looks very much like PayPal.com.
PayTree 10-1-00 SCAM? Announcement from PayTree:

PayTree.com is being redesigned All former accounts will be deleted as we will be offering a completely new service. Note: mail accounts will not be deleted.
PowerDime 10-15-00 DEAD

They claim to have used up all their funding and can't get anymore.

From PowerDime:

Hello Paul, Thank you very much for writing. So that we do not become listed as "scam by default," I thought I would take a moment to clarify the situation. Powerdime was started by eight recent college graduates, with personal and bank investments totaling $450,000 dollars. The eight people that worked here did so for a combined weekly salary of $1200. Eventually, the bank account ran empty, and we found ourselves hard pressed to find investments in a declining Internet economy. Because of this complete and total lack of capital, it was impossible to continue operating Powerdime at such a severe loss. Rather than continue with the program, we chose to shut it down. This came as a surprise to almost everyone, who is understandably quite upset over having lost their gift certificates. It is important to understand, though, that rather than making huge amounts of money, this venture has instead left us with an enormous pile of debt. We are left to do nothing but sincerely apologize to all of our members. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at (203)772-3562x11, or provide a number where we may contact you. -------------- Malcolm Bedell Director, Member Support Powerdime.com.


PrizeDispenser 12-2-00 DEAD

From PrizeDispenser:

We here at the PrizeDispenserTM Service would like to thank you for your patronage. We are closing the service down effective today, Thursday, November 30th, 2000 due to a change in our business plan. All prizes won through November 30th will be awarded in the normal time frame of 4-6 weeks from win date. Customer Service will still be on hand as we transition if you require any further assistance. Again, please accept our gratitude for your participation in our program, and we wish you all the best for the future.

Profinity 8-01-00 DEAD/SCAM? Originally had an affiliate program which was dissolved without notice. Profinity is merely a shopping location now.
RadioFreeCash 12-2-00 Dying?

From RadioFreeCash:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message and particularly for your ongoing loyalty to RFC. As a valued member of the RFC community, I would like to provide you with a brief and honest update on the status of our company. I also want to apologize personally for not yet fulfilling our commitments to you. As you are probably well aware, the market for internet-focused companies continues to be very difficult. Like the great majority of startup and established firms, RadioFreeCash has faced challenges along several fronts that have delayed our ability to fully launch our services and deliver on our outstanding member commitments. Our goal has always been to share our advertising revenue with our members. Unfortunately, the market for banner advertising has fallen dramatically since our launch. More importantly, the market for audio advertising has not developed as quickly as we anticipated (although we have allowed charity organizations to run public service announcements free of charge). Consequently, we have not yet generated significant revenues, and this has directly forced us to move more slowly with both our planned technology improvements as well as our CD fulfillments. Like you, we are extremely disappointed at our inability to fulfill our promises in the time that we had initially planned and promised. However, we are absolutely committed to making this work and we continue to make progress--despite the obstacles we have faced. We have enlisted the number one radio advertising sales firm, Katz Interactive, to assist us in building demand for internet audio advertising. While we do not see the audio advertising market making substantial strides in what's left of 2000, we are very, very excited at its potential for 2001 and thereafter. We have also finalized a deal with Amazon to deliver our free CD gift certificates once we have generated sufficient revenue to pay for them. And we are evaluating potential modifications to the incentive structure that will enable us to begin compensating you for your time as soon as possible. We can only ask that you continue with the patience you have shown since our launch-we are more resolute now than ever before that the value proposition we will eventually deliver will be worth the wait. Your continued interest will help us build the audio ad market, generate revenues, and most importantly, to make good on our promises to you. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the great free music and free CD incentives. Thank you again. Chip Stevens CEO

RewardBuddies 10-1-00 DEAD  From RewardBuddies:

In the circumstances, which are beyond our control, Reward Buddies has no option but to cease trading and to terminate the Reward Buddies System, and the contracts that it has with any users. We hope that in time, this innovative and exciting system will be part of everyone's Internet experience. We hope to be part of that. However, for the time being, we want to thank all of our users for their interest in the System.
RhinoPoint 10-15-00 SCAM?/DEAD These people charged you to get paid to take surveys then disappeared without much of a whisper.
RockSurfer 7-31-00 SCAM

RockSurfer moves around from free site to free site. The domain has never been registered. They make big promises, $15 to sign up, $2 per referral, $1.75 an hour to surf, and even say their ad bar is ready for download. There isn't any ad bar and you won't get paid. Still at large, here are 2 locations they can still be found.

I have personally emailed RockSurfer several times to let them know they were on public display as a scam and there has not been any response.

SanchisPlace 11-9-00 DEAD  

From SanchisPlace:

Rewards Program has been discontinued. We are working on ways with a Company to send you your Earnings.

SearchCactus 10-1-00 Otherwise? SearchCactus has made the decision to NOT pay international members anymore.
Senditon 12-2-00 DEAD SendItOn has not been accessible and the site, in fact, to be gone.
This comes as no surprise as their program was destined from the beginning to fail because of a poor business plan. The program was a paid e-mail program. When you received an e-mail from them, you were to get paid to 'send it on'. This in itself induced a ton of spam, which resulted in the demise of this program.
ServiceLane 12-2-00 DEAD

From ServiceLane:

We regret to inform you that ServiceLane.com's RewardLane has been cancelled. We truly appreciate your participation in our program and hope you will continue to participate in future ServiceLane programs. As stated in our Membership Agreement, we will provide payment to those customers who: 1. Activated their Personal Identification Numbers (PINs). 2. Currently have RewardLane dollars through referring friends who have joined the program. 3. Used a service and provided proof of purchase. RewardLane members who meet these requirements will receive payment in 2 - 3 weeks. You will continue to have access to My Account to check your RewardLane balance through Thursday, November 30, 2000. All receipts sent in for proof of purchase must be postmarked on or before December 1. Thank you for being part of the SeviceLane community! The ServiceLane Team ServiceLane.com your connection to certified Service Professionals

Shopvault 12-2-00 DEAD ShopVault appears to be another program that quietly disappeared.
SurfAd.com 7-31-00 SCAM?  SurfAd has lost referral data more than once. How convenient. They are no longer listed on most major PTS listings.
SurfBuzz 7-31-00 DEAD  An email was received by members of the official closing date of July 7, 2000.
SurferAll.net 8-28-00 SCAM?/DEAD Surferall.net is now a search engine. No referral program.
SurferDollars 12-2-00 DEAD  

SurferDollars was originally posted here on 8-1-00. From reliable sources, at that time the program was bought and had a new owner who had plans on trying to revive what was already a failed program. The programmers of the bar at that time appeared to be amatures and the new owner claimed he was looking for a new team. SurferDollars was then promoted by even the biggest 'get paid' sites. The poorly made bar was downloadable and runnable but was not changed form what is was previously. No payments were made to any users. The site quickly vanished without a word.

Now when you try to go to SurferDollars.com you will see this claim. Where we all taken for a ride?

Thanks for visiting! The domain you attempted to go to is FOR-SALE, FOR-LEASE or for JOINT VENTURE! E-mail me HERE if interested in this domain! As you can see from your other browser window I've opened it upto a work-from-home opportunity. Before you click-away let me say that I averaged over $20,000 per month last year because of this work-from-home opportunity. WAIT! We do no door-to-door sales or meetings. Forget about your family and friends - they'll never believe you've found a legitimate business to make money. I'll teach you everything I know about building a business ONLINE! I've enrolled 32,648 people using this system.

Tresspass.net 7-31-00 DEAD

Trespass.net was a spam haven. Nobody received payment.
Tresspass continued to collect profiles for several months
after they stopped their service.


Urge2net 10-1-00 DEAD This program has silently left the scene. The site has been down many weeks now and nobody seems to know anything about it.
ValleyTees 7-31-00 SCAM Claim to pay 25 cents a click but don't pay at all.
Virtuads 9-2-00 DEAD From VirtuAds:

Due to unforseen circumstances, the VirtuAds.com web site is closed until further notice. All personal information will be removed from our databases. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The VirtuAds.com domain name is up for sale on ebay with no reserve. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=426720047
WackyWare.com 10-27-00 DEAD WackyWare had a referral program but they have since disappeared.
WackyWareHouse 10-1-00 DEAD/SCAM? No Member contact. Site has been stale for months. No member account or log in.
WebHotPotato 12-2-00 Otherwise WebHotPotato appears to be a legitimate program.
THe only reason this program is listed here is becuase referrals are not being credited correctly. The referral URL takes you directly to the sign up page, like most programs do, however, if your referral navigates to another page in the site to see what the program is all about and then go to the 'join' page, the referral data is lost. So, as a result, most referrals are not being credited.
WePayAll 7-31-00 SCAM/DEAD

Watch out, this could come back to life!
The name is still registered 'till May 2002. They claimed to pay $10 to sign up and $5 per referral. They were originally hosted on FreeServers and they couldn't even pay the $5.95 a month to remove FreeServers ads. They looked very much like PayPal. They stole a lot of credit card numbers.

WePayAll is back online at a different free web host.

WrittenByMe 10-1-00 DEAD  From WBM: "We have temporarily halted the referral program because of major abuse. We are looking for writers and readers to join us and contribute to the site. You can only earn Deweys from writing and being read. Regards, Rendle Williams."
X.com 12-2-00 DEAD  From X.com:
"Dear X.com account holder,
As part of X.com's continuing product shift to focus exclusively on our industry-leading online payment service, PayPal, we are ceasing operation of the X Finance business, including the Internet banking division of First Western National Bank ("FWNB"), as of December 1, 2000. Please close your FWNB account by following the instructions at https://secure.finance.x.com/account_closure.asp. Accounts not closed by December 1, 2000, will be closed by us on that date and the balance mailed by check to the most recent address that you have provided.
Effective November 20, 2000, we will no longer accept deposits to your account, including wire transfers. Please be sure to cancel any direct deposits or automatic electronic funds withdrawals you may have attached to your account prior to that date. After December 1, 2000, no items presented for payment will be accepted, including checks, electronic funds transfer requests and debit card transactions.
Any Certificates of Deposit (CDs) will be redeemed and credited to your account on or before December 1, with full interest through maturity.
Please be aware that repayment obligations under outstanding Lines of Credit are unaffected by this action, and payments should continue to be made in accordance with the Overdraft Account Agreement at https://secure.finance.x.com/help_termsofuse.asp#lending. Additional information concerning procedures for future line of credit payments will be sent at a later date.
Mutual Fund Shareholders
As a result of this action, X.com will be discontinuing the mutual fund business of X Finance on December 1, 2000. Please check your fund account balance and redeem all your shares on or before December 1, 2000. All remaining shareholders of the Funds on that date will have their shares redeemed on the following business day (December 4, 2000) at the net asset value determined on that date. A check for the proceeds will be mailed to the most recent address that you have provided. For more information, please see https://secure.finance.x.com/info_prospectus.asp.
Zemtro 7-31-00 DEAD

Zemtro popped up, like many others, to trick people into signing up for programs like PayPal.
From Zemtro: "zemtro.com is FOR SALE!"


Spedia-очень много обиженных, вырубленных за накручивание спонсора обманным путем (среди любых преступников попадаются и невинные жертвы попавшиеся под горячую руку.

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